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  3. In the 2nd grade

    1. Me: Shutup you're stupid
    2. Classmate: Hey! I'm telling on you
    3. His hand shoots up
    4. Me: no wait stop
    5. Me: no i'm sorry
    6. Me: please come on dude
    7. Me: pleeeeeeeaaase i'm sorry stop omg
    8. Me nearly in tears: I'm so sorry please don't tell her i'm sorry
    9. Teacher: Yes?
    10. Classmate: Can i use the bathroom?
    11. Classmate: *Turns and deviously smiles at me*
  4. Hahah!

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    You were warned. It’s Ikea Monkey day.

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  8. thisisbandofoutsiders:

    Michelle Obama in Band of Outsiders toile de jouy skirt with President Obama in Chicago

    June 15, 2012. 

  9. That’s crazy!

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